Financial Statements

Small businesses require financial statements in accordance with Canadian Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises. 

Not-For-Profit organizations, including charities, require statements prepared in accordance with Canadian Accounting Standards for Not-For-Profit organizations.

Regardless of which type of enterprise you are responsible for, our team will ensure your statements are in compliance with Canadian Accounting Standards wherever they are reviewed or audited.

We also provide Notice to Reader financial statements for small enterprises which do not require any level of assurance. Notice to Reader financial statements do not comply with Canadian Accounting Standards.



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Durand and Associates recently supported me during an Ontario Ministry of Finance Tobacco Tax Audit. They prepared a response to a proposed assessment, negotiated on my behalf and argued with the Ministry concerning the lack of transparency and fairness in their audit process. The result of their efforts was a significant reduction from the initial proposed assessment by the Ministry of Finance.

Steven Hines, President - Distant Shores Trading Company Inc.